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Cox & Bones have teamed up to create elegant, reliable and genuine musical experiences for jazz audiences at large.



In April of 2012, Cate Cox and Chris "Bones" Bonner paired up to perform at the New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show.  After spending over 30 hours together, the two began to build up a network for musicians and gig requests.  Combining forces, they are now working in the recording studio to create the perfect sample so they can market themselves better.  They have already booked several gigs and are continuing to slowly build up their clientele.

Chris "Bones" Bonner, bass


Bones graduated from NYU in jazz studies and has played professionally in New York City for the past ten years.  He works on several projects, including the infamous Polka Brothers and tears it up with both electric and upright bass.

Zachary Eldridge, drums


Originally from upstate New York, Zach has played professionally through New York City and has drummed up a sincere following for his affable nature and his killer time.

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