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Private vocal instruction is now available at The Spot!
The vocal training will focus on specific techniques which will aid and enhance any given singing style. I focus on the technique called Bel Canto, which translates to "beautiful singing." The goals of this technique are of an aesthetic nature, focusing on resonance and purity of tone, as well as projection and the health of the voice. We will work with the lift of the throat and soft palate, the face mask, the inhalation of the voice and breath control.
Correct singing requires great strength and precision. Like all higher artforms, once corrections are in place, the voice is given full flight and can take on a variety of registers and styles. 
Along with working on vocal technique, we will also be working on lyric interpretation and tonal play. The voice is a paint brush and perhaps the most sensitive instrument offered in music.
$65/Hour; $40/Half-Hour
To set up a lesson, please contact The Spot at
“For real musicians, there is a spiritual component to what they do and it’s got nothing to do with worldly success. Their music is much more of an inner journey. Any other success is just cream on the cake. There’s this idea that you can go on “American Idol” and suddenly become a star but you may bypass the spiritual work that you have to do to get there. And if you bypass that, then your success will be wafer-thin.” - Sting
“But you know, at the end of the day, it’s up to you to perfect that gift that you have been given. Put your spirit into that song. Focus on the words that you’re singing. Get into the experience of what you’re singing about. And sing your heart out.” - Stevie Wonder
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