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I never expected to be as fulfilled as I am when working with my voice students. We work to find strength in their core, breath support and control, emotional expression and lyrical interpretation. On a more subtle level, we talk about concepts closest to their hearts and the powerful strength of being embodied and vulnerable. I view our work as a mentorship far more than that of merely teacher and student. My students are building their unique style of interpreting the world and expressing themselves. We seek out our real voices and encourage the techniques most helpful in bringing our voices to the sky.


Through the mysteries of life, I am sitting here in Sun Valley, Idaho, preparing to teach my first Jazz Singing Workshop for Adults. My passion for music and singing is still burning bright and I find myself, over and over again, talking about the soulful importance of creating and performing. Somehow the world conspires and this time, I've decided to receive and reveal. The time I will be in Sun Valley is unknown and the reasons for being here will reveal themselves in time. Meanwhile, I'm working on original music, learning guitar and taking the occasional ice skating lesson.


This summer brought about more changes than I could've imagined. It led to a 6-week soul journey moving through yoga postures, social activism trainings and eventually ending up at Esalen in Big Sur in a songwriting workshop with Cris Williamson. I was given the extraordinary opportunity to rip the lid off the mysterious world of songwriting and created my first two songs, ever. It has led me down a path of drum lessons and picking up my guitar over and over again. And all of it was activated by a fateful removal of a place to live. My trusty New York City apartment was taken back by my landlord and it gave me an opportunity to take a deep breath and listen to myself. Here's hoping it is all really worth hearing.



As the pieces begin to fall into place, I am finally able to announce the very big news that I am soon to be in the recording studio! I had the wonderful fortune of being able to put together the necessary starting sum to prepare for this awesome experience. I am working intimately with a, now unnamed, jazz giant who is mentoring me through this new adventure. I hope to get into the studio by summer but, as the goal is total musical perfection, it may not occur until fall. In the meantime, I am researching various musicians and trying to see who I may take on to create the ultimate debut album. Per usual, I'm in the studio several times a week training!


It's fall again and that means that classes and training having gone back into full swing. After a tremendous summer of performances, competitions and several restorative weeks focused on health and balance, I am back to the grind with a rigorous schedule. Being an actor and a singer is similar to that of any atheletic performer. It requires training, dedication and discipline, all leading up to a performance where presence of self is demanded. Tough stuff!


You can find me rehearsing 5 days a week with scene partners for Alice Spivak's advanced acting class, studying Shakespearean monologues, working on new jazz tunes for my repetoire, or in the studio training my voice back into existence.


Come out and support me in The Metropolitan Room's MetroStar Vocal Competition, presented every Monday night for a six-week competition. The voting is based on audience participation and the winner will be awarded her own show produced at the famed The Metropolitan Room.  Starts Monday, July 8th at 7 p.m.!


"Taking the Long Way" enjoyed a successful opening night at The Duplex.  We have been asked to return with the show at a later date and are currently in negotiations around the second performance.  Stay tuned! "Taking the Long Way: Join Cate Cox, Victoria Edwards and Sara Spillane in an unforgettable journey, as they show you it's not always the destination at which you arrive but how you get there that counts."

Friday, June 21st at 9:30PM​
The Duplex, NYC


​As my sound continues to grow into something more complete and well-rounded, it has become clear how important a current recording would be for the next phase of this crazy career. This winter, I learned there would be an opportunity for the initial backing required for recording and production of a new CD. I am thrilled to say I am now beginning the long process of song selection, rehearsal, arranging and honing the delivery of this recording. I am also in search of 1-2 more musicians to round out the song and am having a blast researching and meeting pianists, guitarists and saxophonists in the process. Stay tuned for more updates!

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